American International Recruitment Council

The Computrain Study Abroad has been awarded the AIRC Certification for the period of October, 2019 through September, 2024. To achieve AIRC Certification, an agency has successfully undergone a rigorous self-evaluation and external review process based on the AIRC Certification Standards which, in turn, evaluate agencie's business practices, and the effectiveness of the services rendered in recruiting qualified students to accredited educational institutions in the United States of America.

Founded in 2008, the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) is a non-profit membership association recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission as a Standards Development Organization (SDO). The fundamental objective of AIRC is to safeguard the interests of international students and enrolling institutions through ethical and standard international recruitment strategies. AIRC is the only professional education membership association that focuses exclusively on the concerns and issues regarding international student recruitment. It provides independent certificates to recruitment agencies on the basis of a rigorous accreditation model. AIRC has certified less than 100 agencies throughout the world; Computrain being one them. We, along with the AIRC, work to maintain the quality standards for international student placement in the United States.
AIRC Membership Is Composed Of Representatives From:
  • Accredited U.S. post-secondary institutions
  • Pathway programs providers
  • AIRC Certified student recruitment agencies
  • U.S Secondary schools
  • Non-U.S. secondary and post-secondary institutions

We, at Computrain, are proud to be one of the limited AIRC certified agencies in the world.

Quick Facts:

AIRC Member Facts:

  • 285 Institutional Members
  • 43 States, and District of Columbia
  • 3 U.S. institutions based abroad
  • Less than 100 Certified Agencies
  • Agency offices in more than 300 cities in 90 countries
  • 6 Pathway Programs with 23 partner institutions
  • 10 Global Insitutional Members in 8 countries
  • 3 Individual Members
More About AIRC:
Source www.airc-education.org
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