USA – Where quality education, unique curriculum, multicultural environment and varied opportunities are presented. Known for some of the finest and renowned universities, USA is an educational hub offering various opportunities to students.


The United States of America (USA) is known for some of the finest and renowned universities in the world. As of 2019, The USA department of education has more than 4000 registered educational institutions. The universities are known for having high- academic standards and offer excellent courses and degrees to their students. These universities also offer training opportunities to students by allowing them to work while studying which helps in broadening the knowledge and skillsets of the students. Irrespective of the university you study in, you will find quality education, unique curriculum, multicultural environment, and abundant opportunities being offered to you. In USA, you will find yourself amidst of diverse cultures and life experiences.

Application Planner

The amount of time required to apply for admission to any university in the USA is often underestimated by students. It is essential to start planning in advance. It is important to thoroughly research the university and the program that best suits you. It is also important to meet the application deadlines given by the universities. The application procedure may take a significant amount of time for universities with competitive admissions. There are various requirements that are to be fulfilled to complete the application procedure successfully. These requirements may vary for different universities and study programs.

Application Preparation

Universities in the US have mainly three intakes. The major intake for most of the universities is in September during the fall. Most universities take spring intake, too, during the month of January while some universities have summer intake during April or May. For most of the USA universities, there are some common basic requirements. It may include Covering letter, application form, Statement of Purpose, Recommendation letters, Resume, Financial statement, certified proof of English proficiency test, etc. It is essential to fulfil these requirements as admission to USA universities can be very competitive. We, at Computrain, help you organize all the requirements efficiently to maximise your chances of being accepted in the university.

Study Cost- Academic/Hostel

The universities in USA are known for having high- academic standards and offer excellent courses and degrees to their students. The universities in USA are categorized as Private or Public. The public universities tend to be more economically efficient than the private ones. The tuition fees of pursuing Bachelors degree may range from 20,000 USD to 40,000 USD. For students pursuing Masters degree, it may cost between 25,000 USD to 35,000 USD. Most universities offer on-campus accommodations which is a very affordable option as compared to off-campus accommodations. Accommodation cost in USA may vary from 3,000 USD to 10,000 USD per year depending upon your choice and the city. Considering all the other social and academic expenses, living in USA may cost you from 12,000 USD to 25,000 USD per year.

Visa Counselling

Depending upon the type and duration of your study, the US government offers various visa options to international students. There are mainly three types of visa offered F1 Visa, J1 visa and M1 visa. The F1 visa is offered to students who will be studying full time at a university in USA. The J1 visa is issued for participating in foreign exchange or cultural exchange programs. The M1 visa is issued to students attending non-educational or vocational programs. Before applying for visa, it is necessary for you to be accepted in a university certified by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. The visa process can be confusing and complicated. We, at Computrain, offer our services along with our visa counsellors to help you throughout the process.


There are various accommodation options in USA for international students. After an international student has enrolled in an USA university, the Admission department or International Student Office sends a pre-departure orientation packet which contains the on-campus accommodation options. Most American universities offer on-campus accommodation which includes dormitories. Dormitory rooms are available on sharing basis with all the necessary facilities available nearby. This on-campus option is very convenient for students, both academically and socially. Some universities do not provide on-campus accommodation but they do assist you in finding an appropriate place like apartments or rentals. Homestay is also a very trustworthy option for students as it helps you to adapt to the American lifestyle.

Optional Practical Training

OPT in the U.S. stands for Optional Practical Training. It allows international students to work after they’ve graduated for up to one year or 12 months. If you’re studying in the STEM programs that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, you can extend OPT for two additional years. So three years total working in the U.S. It’s a great benefit for international students. Optional practical training is an F1 visa benefit for students to work off campus part time or full time in their field of study.

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